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Here’s what’s in store for you in this newsletter:


·         Wise words

·         A strong Pelvic Floor- crucial for both men and women’s ongoing health and fitness.

·         Inspiration: The story of my 93-year-old neighbour and her determination to stay mobile.

·         Foundation Workshops- next series has started on Wednesday night’s from 14th November.

·         Recipe: Haloumi & Celery Bruschetta


Wise words


Just because you can buy it, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you

Professor Peter Dingle (from the new SBS TV series ‘Is Your House Killing You?’.

This is an extremely common misconception! But it’s naive to believe that just because you’re able to buy a product, that it’s automatically safe!


This is far from the truth-- as was shown a couple of episodes ago on the new series ‘Is Your House Killing You’ when a family had used CCA- treated timber as their outdoor decking, completely unaware, that the toxins in the timber could affect their health! CCA- treated timber contains two heavy metals - Arsenic and Hexavalent Chromium – both known to be human carcinogens. Unbelievably, this treated wood is legal to buy and readily available!!

It’s great to know that our health authorities are “looking after us”!


These chemicals get airborne, end up as dust in the home and is then inhaled. They also contaminate soils, therefore if you have a veggie patch you get an “extra bonus” of heavy metals in them. In this case, the heavy metals in the veggie patch were twice the levels of samples taken from the street.


“The possible health effects of long-term chronic exposure to these carcinogens are serious. From eye & skin infections to, in the most serious cases, cancer, constant chronic exposure to the heavy metals contained in CCA timber can result in severe illness” No surprise that cancer is growing ever so rapidly and is the biggest killer in our society!


Most people are blasé about the products they buy and expose themselves to, in everyday life. People are often more focused on what’s cheaper rather than what’s the safest option. While products may be cheap in the short term, they can end up having a huge cost on our health and well-being in the long run. What value do you put on your health?


There are lots of nasty chemicals which we expose ourselves to every day in all areas of our lives. I urge you to be more aware of them as knowledge is power and the best line of defence is to be informed.

Cut down on the chemicals you bring into the home and places which you spend the most of your time.


They’re are chemicals everywhere we look-

·         Kitchen and bathroom products,

·         Toiletries,

·         Food- Read labels and stay away from artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, artificial sweeteners, aluminium, MSG and pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in non-organic foods- Buy Organic instead.

·         Plastic film wrap- Practically all the plastic wraps on the market are made from either polyethylene or

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (Choice, 1986). In Italy, P.V.C wrap has been banned since 1982 as there were toxicity concerns. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has concluded that di-octyl phthalate (DOP) has been found to cause cancer in mice and rats. DOP makes part of other agents which are added to the P.V.C for these wraps.

Buying fewer chemicals not only reduces health problems, it also reduces the tonnes of chemicals going into the environment. Every little bit counts and it all starts with you!

 (continued on next column...)


I strongly urge you to go the following link and download the full publication of “Food Additives & Contaminants”: http://drdingle.com/pdfs/foodad.pdf

Read the full story on CCA timber


Here are some links to help you remove chemicals from your life:






Pelvic Floor

The Pelvic Floor muscles are important for both men and women. They’re responsible for our water works, are quite useful during sex, as well as pelvic and core stability.

The pelvic floor muscles are necessary to adequately stabilise the pelvis and stiffen the spinal column to protect the joint structures of the spine from injury which is especially important when lifting heavy weights.


However you need to start practising to activate the pelvic floor muscles with lower intensity exercises first, like while you’re standing in a queue, at a red light in traffic or talking on the phone. This will enable you to effectively switch them on with a higher intensity later.


To best describe the activation of the pelvic floor, I tell people to imagine they are urinating and attempting to stop mid-stream, then re-starting again. However, try not to squeeze your buttocks. Those muscles are your pelvic floor muscles. When they’re engaged, there shouldn’t be any other visible movement from the rest of the body.


Inspiring Story

My 93 year old neighbour Betty, was blind and didn’t have the best hearing, but still managed to keep busy and maintain mobility. 


She walked 2km everyday and managed to do her shopping on top of that. She would get public transport to most places she needed to go for her many activities. She was an inspiration to all who knew her.


Betty passed away last month, but after living a very full and fulfilling life. May she RIP.


So remember Betty’s fine example; there’s really no excuse not to make exercise a regular part of our days and to let things get in the way of what needs to be done. If Betty could do it then we all can!


Foundation Workshops

Are you stiff and sore, even after you’ve exercised and stretched? Do you feel your body is limiting you even though you are doing “all the right things”?  Or are you stuck at a desk and can feel yourself seizing up as the working day unfolds?

Set yourself FREE at a new series of Foundation Workshops starting the 14th November.

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Haloumi & Celery Bruschetta-

(For one)

Click for recipe


* I only use and recommend organic ingredients.

2 slices of Rice/Buckwheat or Rye Bread

2 Stems washed and dried Celery including the leaves

1 x Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 x Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

2 x 1cm thick, slices of Sheep’s Milk Haloumi

Pinch of salt


*Start toasting the bread. For Rice/Buckwheat bread, you need toast it a couple of times on a low heat to give it some firmness otherwise it will break apart. Avoid toasting too much or worse burning it.

*Grill Haloumi on low heat dry pan til lightly brown.

*In the meantime, finely chop celery and put into a bowl. Add Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil and salt. Mix and let sit.

*Place Haloumi on the bread and spoon the marinated celery on top and serve.


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Past Newsletters



Welcome to the October edition of the 180 Degrees Fitness Food and Health Newsletter!


If you’re receiving this, then you’re extremely fortunate! As I hope to keep you informed of the latest and important information on Fitness Food, Health and wellbeing! This will enable you, your friends and family to get the most out of each day! Do feel free to pass this onto anyone you like...


Here’s what’s install for you in this newsletter:

·          Quotation

·          The 4 Wisdoms- Dr. Happiness, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet & Dr. Movement

·          Foundation Workshops- next one starts this Saturday 13th

·          Recipe: Parsley Sweet Potatoes



Be the change you want to see in the world!” Ghandi

Show people the way by your actions. This quote is currently very appropriate. For example, there’s no use complaining about global warming if you’re not going to make changes yourself. Once you start making greener options you set an example to those around you.


We spend thousands of dollars on things that are often unnecessary, but balk when it comes to spending extra on organic food or converting to green energy. Start to use less of everything and be more aware of how your daily actions impacts others and the environment.


Be aware of your ‘buying power’. Everything you buy you’re basically saying “ I support everything this company does in bringing this product or service to my availability”. Ask yourself this question with everything you buy and start asking more questions to the business’ which sell you these products, about their practices and their suppliers as well. Questions like:

"Why are you not using biodegradable purchase bags or packaging?"

This is the way each and every one of us can push for change as every smart business will listen if they value your custom.

This may be a little extreme, but can you imagine if everyone had this approach to business’ they were intending to purchase products from or do business with: “Are you using renewable energy in your business? If not I’m not buying your products!” If enough people were prepared to do this, then there would be no option but, to change...



















The 4 Wisdoms- Dr. Happiness, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet & Dr. Movement

The 4 wisdoms are based on the ancient Greek philosophical concept of The Three Doctors: Diet, Quiet and Happiness.

A mentor of mine Paul Chek takes this old wisdom and updates it for the 21st century.

Wisdom 1 – Dr. Happiness

Happiness is wanting what you get in life. Do something each day you enjoy and makes you happy.

Wisdom 2 – Dr. Quiet

Quiet allows for introspection. If you don’t go within, you go without. Meditation is great for this.

Wisdom 3 – Dr. Diet

Diet is acquired life-force energy, or Chi. You are what you eat! So make it worthy of entering your body.

Wisdom 4 – Dr. Movement

Movement pumps and energises. Too much movement depletes more than it gives. Too little movement stagnates life-force and Chi. Training not draining! Do exercise which creates energy and assists your body, not exercise which compromises it.

Practice these principles daily.

*If you would like to receive the 1st Chapter of Paul Chek's latest book for FREE, then email me @ bfit@180degrees.com.au

Foundation Workshops

Are you stiff and sore, even after you’ve exercised and stretched? Do you feel your body is limiting you even though

you are doing “all the right things”?  Or are you stuck at a desk and can feel yourself seizing up as the working day unfolds?

Set yourself FREE at a new series of Foundation Workshops starting this Saturday the 13th October.

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Parsley Sweet Potatoes


2 Tsp of Rice bran Oil/Coconut Oil/Butter

½ bunch of Parsley

Rock/Sea Salt

½ Lemon

I large Sweet potato or 2 small

2cm Ginger/Garlic (optional)

½ tsp cumin

Pine nuts


-Put Rice Bran, coconut or butter in cold pan & allow to heat slowly.

-Once heated, add finely chopped ginger or garlic til lightly brown.

-Meanwhile, wash sweet potatoes, leave skin on & cube, then sauté in pan with a good pinch of sea salt & 1/2 tsp of cumin until lightly brown. Add some pine nuts to potatoes in pan for a minute at the end.

-In the meantime, chop half a bunch of parsley & place in a bowl.

-squeeze half a small lemon and add it to bowl. Mix and serve.